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Who is responsible for

Autocom A/S was founded in Denmark by brothers Peter and Martin Grøftehauge, along with their father, Niels Grøftehauge. Peter Grøftehauge is the managing director.

In what has since become an Internet success story, established in 1996, Autocom A/S has worked on developing innovative IT solutions for the car industry. In addition to the car auction, Autocom A/S has been responsible for the and devised Autocom Valuation - a professional vehicle valuation tool used by over 70% of the Danish car dealers.

The car auction has operated since 1999 in 17 European countries, and is now operative in 20 countries worldwide, under the name Autorola. Autocom A/S currently employs 230 staff.

Our experience and skills ensure you receive excellent advice and unparalleled service when you need to sell wholesale cars.

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Weekdays 09:00 - 17:30 | Telephone: 01625 507000