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Why is it important that I describe the car thoroughly?

It is important because buyers place their bids based on your description. The accuracy of the description provided forms the foundation for the amount that a prospective buyer is willing to bid.

We know from experience that pictures of the car, and especially clear pictures of faults and defects, help impact positively on the price. You should take pictures of both the interior and exterior of the car. If you have taken a picture, for example, of a dent, it is no longer an unknown quantity to the buyer. Instead of a vague description of this dent the buyer is aware of the extent of the damage and can bid with confidence.

Finally, the buyer has the option of cancelling the trade if you have not described the car correctly. If this happens, is entitled to double the commission. Read more about this in the Terms and Conditions.

It is therefore advisable to submit an accurate description. can help you with the process of describing your car. Please call us on 01625 507000 if you have any questions.


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